What we do

Genetic Code of the Brain

Our genome and its regulatory machinery encode the way our brain forms and adapts to an ever-changing environment. We are exploring the genetic code of the brain, seeking answers to fundamental questions, such as (1) how is the distinct molecular composition of cell types related to other properties? (2) what should be targeted in the context of modulating brain function? and (3) how can we effectively and precisely target them? Through a deep understanding and interpretation of nature’s intricately designed codes, we aim to gain innovative insights into new technologies that will empower us to reprogram and tackle brain diseases at genetic levels.

Vector Engineering

Gene delivery through viral vectors offers a powerful method for exploring complex brain circuits and holds the promise of therapeutic breakthroughs for neurological and psychiatric disorders. These vectors enable efficient, specific, and systemic delivery of genetic materials to brain cells, despite the challenges of maintaining control over the process. We are engineering viral vectors, with the primary focus on the genomic components, to enhance our ability for targeted genetic access to the cell types and states of interest with high precision, ultimately paving the way toward safer and more effective clinical applications.

multi-modal brain mapping

How does the genetic basis of the brain shape and reshape its structure, organization, and activity? Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, such as tissue clearing, multiplexed molecular labeling, and high-resolution imaging, we are studying this question across various scales, from the molecular levels to the entire organ. By establishing connections between genetic codes to their diverse phenotypes, we aim to advance fundamental understanding of the brain’s mechanisms and develop tailored therapeutic genes for specific disorders.

Big NeuroData Analysis

Integrative, high-throughput neuroscience generates a ton of data with various types of information. We are developing computational tools to analyze those datasets and to provide comprehensive interpretation of how the different parts of the brain are linked and cooperate.

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